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New registrations of insecticide formulations in 2013: an overview

Posted : 2014-03-07

According to the ICAMA, 1,211 new registrations for insecticides formulations were approved in China in 2013, up from 1,055 in 2012. (Note: Numbers and references to "insecticides" also include molluscicides, nematocides, and acaricides.) Of these, 837 were for single formulations and 374 for mixed formulations. Additionally, there were seven registrations covering six pesticide products that combine insecticide and fungicide active ingredients (AIs).


The 5 insecticide formulations with the most registrations were emamectin benzoate, abamectin, imidacloprid, pymetrozine and acetamiprid. They also had the most registrations among pesticides in general. The 5 compounds had 393 registrations in 2013, 32.45% of new registrations of insecticides.


Among single formulations, emamectin benzoate ranked first by number of registrations in 2013—107 new registrations of single formulations of the compound were approved in 2013. In 2012, emamectin benzoate was also the most registered chemical among single formulations, with 154 approvals. As of the end of 2013, there were 455 valid registrations of emamectin benzoate single formulations in China.


Abamectin ranked second, with 95 new single formulations approved in 2013, 86 for insecticides and 9 for fungicides. Abamectin has always been one of the most popular insecticides in China. In 2012, the compound had 81 single formulations registered. As of the end of 2013, valid registrations of abamectin single formulations numbered 613.


Even though pymetrozine did not have as many registrations as emamectin benzoate or abamectin, the compound also attracted a great deal of attention. The chemical, with only 20 single formulation registrations before 2013, had 67 new registrations approved over the past year. This takes pymetrozine single formulations registrations to a total of 83 (4 of the 20 previous registrations expired), as of the end of 2013. The enthusiasm for pymetrozine is expected to continue in 2014, bringing many more registrations.


Among mixed formulations, emamectin benzoate and abamectin also topped the ranking for most registered ingredients in 2013.


The 1,211 registrations of insecticide formulations in 2013 covered 27 formulation types. EC formulations dominated the new registrations in number, with 289, or 23.86%, of approvals for insecticide formulations. ECs were followed by SC, ME, WP and WG formulations. The top 5 types obtained 938 registrations, 77.46% of insecticide formulations registered in 2013.


Source: Crop Protection China Monthly Report issued by CCM in Feburary.


Table of Contents of China Crop Protection Monthly Report 1402:

An overview of pesticide formulation registrations in China in 2013

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New registrations of insecticide formulations in 2013: an overview 

New registrations of fungicide formulations in 2013: an overview 

New registrations of herbicide formulations in 2013: an overview 

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Forecast on formulation registrations 

Registrants acquired new registrations of pesticide formulations in China in 2013 

705 companies registered pesticide formulations in 2013 

Summary of hygienic insecticide formulation registrations in China in 2013 

304 new registrations of hygienic insecticide formulations in 2013

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