Kcomber, Beyond Information
Global Vertical Industry Dynamic Monitoring Platform is an innovative online industry information monitoring platform, providing timely industry updates, market production and other information. Through information acquisition, discerning and mining analysis of global vertical industries, the platform carries out dynamic monitoring and adopt “visualisation +report” presentation to enhance user experience for them to gain quick industry insight and predict future market trend. The purpose of this monitoring platform is to help governments at all levels, investment institutions and enterprises to obtain the most reliable information and decision support in an uncertain environment.



     In depth industrial analysis including but not limited to:



      • Global production information monitoring

      Ex work price information in China

      Global trade price analysis

      Global import and export information & analysis

      Global product policies

      Product related macroeconomic analysis

      Global products consumption

      Enterprise information of major products in the world

      Technical level of product’s Research &Development

      Trade Analysis

      Enterprises research studies