Kcomber, Beyond Information


Today's market is no longer an information economy. It is an inform-action economy - a market where the most successful businesses are the ones that can turn information into action quickly.

Saving time on the simple tasks is crucial, so you have more freedom to plan and implement your strategy. Our big data and knowledge management solutions will give you that freedom.

Our solutions:

Kcomber offers four solutions in total:

Big Data Acquisition (BDA) finds and collects the data you need, processes and organizes it automatically, and helps your team analyze this data and collaborate more efficiently

ValoTracer is a visual search tool that helps you navigate complex databases more efficiently

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps your sales and marketing team manage emails, client and sales information, contact lists, website analytics data, and more

Business Intelligence Solutions - bespoke data warehousing, data mining and knowledge management solutions for your business